Madeline Sparkle

I’m a transgender woman. I’m a Professional Programmer and a Hobbyist Translator.

I used to study at Daan Vocational High School,
but after a year of learning nothing new, I left the school behind and started learning myself.

I had been learning The C Programming Language since junior high.
And then I picked up Java/Kotlin, for modding a sandbox game called ‘Minecraft’
And then, where we are right now (2022), I’ve picked up web design.

I’m also a hobbyist translator.
I’ve been learning English as my second language since junior high.
And since then, it’s gotten better and better over time.

As for my native language, it is Chinese. (Heh. Speaking two of the most used language worldwide…)

You can contact me and/or find more information about me with my Contact.